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RES 429 - Week 3 - Maintenance Plan

RES 429 - Week 3 - Maintenance Plan

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RES 429 - Week 3 - Maintenance Plan -

 Write a two- to three- page paper detailing the maintenance plan for your Property Management Plan. The plan must include maintenance for indoor and outdoor goals. The paper should be formatted according to APA guidelines.

At a minimum, the maintenance plan should include:

a. Policies and procedures for routine maintenance.

b. Policies and procedures for preventative maintenance.

c. Policies and procedures for corrective maintenance.

d. Short term goals.

e. Long term goals.


As you are preparing your maintenance plan and retrieving information from various sources, please keep the following in mind:

a. Determine whether or not you will use on-site maintenance personnel or hire on a contract basis.

b. Will outdoor maintenance be handled by the same personnel that handle inside maintenance?

c. What are your necessary maintenance tasks?

d. How will maintenance tasks be scheduled?

e. How will maintenance records be kept?

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