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EDU 5000 Week 6 Prepare an Annotated Bibliography

EDU 5000 Week 6 Prepare an Annotated Bibliography

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EDU 5000 Week 6 Prepare an Annotated Bibliography -

Skills Builder 1: How to Read a Scientific Paper

A scientific or research paper is a special type of document and requires special reading skills. Check out the resource, How to Read a Scientific Paper, for some tips on how to read a research paper efficiently to make the most of the material in the least amount of time!

Skills Builder 2: Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Find the resources on annotated bibliographies in the Northcentral Writing Center.

The Northcentral Writing Center offers a wealth of resources for dealing with every academic writing need—from formulating a topic for a paper, to preparing an outline, developing an argument, and preparing a reference list.

Visit the Academic Success Center and explore the links under the topic headings, “Conducting Research” and “Forms of Writing” that explain the annotated bibliography, which synthesizes and presents research in a concise manner. You will use this information to create an annotated bibliography for this activity.

The resources listed above for this assignment give additional guidance on writing an annotated bibliography. During your graduate studies, you will write many annotated bibliography entries. They will serve as the building blocks of your papers and research. Preparing an annotated bibliography is an excellent way to take study notes as well as to maintain a careful record of your readings for your future writings and research.


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