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BUS 520 Week 5 Midterm Exam

BUS 520 Week 5 Midterm Exam

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BUS 520 Week 5 Midterm Exam -

Question 1

Of the following, which refers to a capacity to get things done due to relationships with other people?                                 


Question 2

Which managerial skill involves the capacity to analyze and solve complex and interrelated problems?                                


Question 3

According to Robert Katz, the essential skills of management can be grouped into which of the following three categories?                


Question 4

The match of organizational culture and individual characteristics is called a(n):


Question 5

__________, also known as distress, is dysfunctional.


Question 6

__________individuals prefer routine and order, and emphasize well-defined details in gathering information; they would rather work with known facts than look for possibilities.


Question 7

What phrase was coined to describe how women have not reached the highest levels of organizations?


Question 8

__________ means being aware of our own behaviors, preferences, styles, biases, personalities, and so on.


Question 9

The five facets of job satisfaction measured by the Job Descriptive Index are __________.


Question 10

__________ always have an object or something to trigger them.


Question 11

The flip side of organizational citizenship are__________.



Question 12

The degree of loyalty an individual feels toward the organization is known as __________.   


Question 13

Projection is especially likely to occur in the __________ stage of perception.


Question 14

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, is known for his use of which reinforcement strategy?


Question 15

Halo effects are particularly important in which managerial process?


Question 16

A(n) __________ contains information about a person’s own appearance, behavior, and personality.


Question 17

Suppose you assign the least desirable tasks to a worker until he performs well and only then assign him the desired assignments he wants. This OB Mod strategy is known as __________.


Question 18

In the context of motivation, level refers to __________.


Question 19

According to Herzberg’s two-factor theory, __________ factors are the sources of job satisfaction.


Question 20

According to Alderfer’s ERG theory, which needs reflect a desire for satisfying interpersonal relationships?


Question 21

In Maslow’s needs hierarchy, __________ needs must be satisfied before __________ needs are activated, and __________ needs must be satisfied before __________ needs are activated, and so on.


Question 22

__________ is a technique of performance appraisal that involves ordering each individual from best to worst on each performance dimension being considered.


Question 23

Sometimes called horizontal loading, __________ increases job breadth by having the worker perform more and different tasks, but all at the same level of responsibility and challenge.


Question 24

__________ is a method of performance appraisal whereby each person is directly compared with every other person being rated.


Question 25

__________ is a comprehensive approach to performance appraisal that uses the evaluations of bosses, peers, and subordinates as well as self-ratings, customer ratings, and ratings of others outside the work unit.


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