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COM 537 Week 4 Communication Plan Initial Proposal

COM 537 Week 4 Communication Plan Initial Proposal

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COM 537 Week 4 Communication Plan Initial Proposal -

Learning Team Assignment Communication Plan Initial Proposal

Now that you have individually analyzed the business scenario at Best

Game Productions and have identified the internal and external stakeholders and their concerns, your task is to work as a consulting team to analyze the culture, values, and ethics for the company as well as cultural differences and perspectives for each department. To determine the culture, values, and ethics, consider the company and department information you determined in Week Three. Analyzing the culture, values, and ethics of the company will allow your team to better determine the necessary communications and appropriate channels for your communication plan.

Resource: Best Game Productions: Environment Descriptions

Assume the role of a consulting team.

Discuss your responses to the Week Three individual assignment with your Learning Team.

Analyze the culture, values, and ethics at Best Game Productions.

Analyze the culture and perspective for each department within Best

Game Productions.

Determine the solution that you think is best for the company based on all of the information provided to you. Use that solution and your reason for selecting it to create your Communication Plan Initial Proposal.

Note. A significant part of your job is to eventually persuade the CEO and each stakeholder that your solution is the best for the company, so you must construct your communications accordingly.

Create an initial proposal of no more than 1,450 words in which you complete the following:

• Detail an initial plan to outline all necessary communications.

• Discuss the audience for each communication; your analysis of the culture, values, and ethics of the company and the culture and perspectives of the individual departments; the purpose of each communication; and the basic message that you will use in each communication.

• Select the appropriate channel for each piece of communication.

Cite at least two references in your paper.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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