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HCS 514 Week 6 Literature Review

HCS 514 Week 6 Literature Review

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HCS 514 Week 6 Literature Review -


Complete a literature review using the objectives in Week 6.

 Search the Internet for three peer-reviewed articles pertaining to an objective covered in Week 6.

Consider the following search suggestions:

• Changes in the health care industry affect an organization.

• Internal factors affect change in health care organizations.

Discuss the following in 700 to 1,050 words:

• Describe the change discussed in the article.

• Identify the affect it had on the organization.

• Describe any affect the change may have caused on the community or other organizations.

• Identify the internal and external factors that affected the change in the organization.

• Describe how the organization overcame the challenges of change.

Format the references consistent with APA guidelines.

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