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HCS 514 Week 6 The Quality Organization

HCS 514 Week 6 The Quality Organization

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HCS 514 Week 6 The Quality Organization -


Create a presentation, using a program or delivery of your choice, in which you describe a quality health care organization. In your presentation, include the following:

• Major motivational theories and their application to health care organizations

• The relationship between quality employees and a quality organization

• Strategies for creating a cultural environment for excellence

• How internal and external factors affect an organization, and how to respond appropriately to those changes

• How accountability may affect the behavior of the organization, and how the organization should respond

• The use of planning in an organization

• Future challenges and benefits of a quality health care organization

Include either detailed speaker notes or a detailed outline with your presentation.

Include at least four references.

Create a handout you can give to your audience.

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