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LDR 535 Week 3 Complete

LDR 535 Week 3 Complete

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LDR 535 Week 3 Complete -

DQ 1.Briefly describe two leading organizational theories. How might you use these theories as a consultant to influence the leadership of client organizations during change efforts?

DQ 2.Compare the information in Ch. 10 of Leadership in Organizations on different types of organizational change with the information in the Microsoft® PowerPoint® Layers of Organizational Change slide. What parallels can be drawn among the four approaches to organizational change described by Yukl and the three levels identified in the University of Phoenix Material? Which change initiatives might be easier and which might be more difficult? Explain your answer.

Individual Assignment Executive Leadership Summary

As the consultant facilitating the new software system implementation, you notice attitudes of the employees affected by the change may create a challenge for the change initiative. Some managers are efficient using the current system and think they should not have to adopt the new system simply because other managers are less efficient. Some employees think the focus on operational efficiency is a guise for management’s desire to micromanage employees and may lead to increased disciplinary actions. The human resource assistant and clerical staff are annoyed because they must manually enter all information of each personnel file into the new system.

Your goal is to identify possible attitudes and emotions about the change that may impede success of the software implementation. You must also explain how individual personalities and values may affect employee behavior during the change initiative.

Resource: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization

Review the employee files for the administration in each of the three

Kudler Fine Food locations.

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word summary to the executive leadership team in which you do the following:

• Identify the potential employee attitudes toward the change initiative based on information derived in the Kudler Fine Foods Virtual


• Describe the emotional response employees may have based on anticipated attitudes about the change initiative.

• Explain what behaviors may manifest from the assumed attitudes and emotions related to the change initiative.

• Identify employees who may be active change agents based on personality information inferred from the personnel files.

• Identify employees who may resist the change initiative based on personality information inferred from the personnel files.

• Describe how personal values of these employees may influence employee behaviors during the change initiative.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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