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MGT 527 Week 4 Complete

MGT 527 Week 4 Complete

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MGT 527 Week 4 Complete -

DQ1.What is the importance of planning feedback meetings with the client? Name and discuss some communication plans that could be used in feedback meetings.

DQ2.What techniques can be used to avoid taking client feedback personally? How will the feedback meetings be structured and controlled to generate positive outcomes for the client.

Food for Thought: What tools might you use to deliver client feedback? Will the tools you use to deliver feedback vary based on the size or type of client organization with which you are working?

Individual Assignment - Consulting Project Plan â Part One

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Consulting Project Plan.


• Write a paper of 600-700 words.

Complete the discovery phase using the business you selected in the Week Three Functional Areas of Business Comparison. Include the following in your description:

• Identify a presenting problem, such as low employee morale, that you think you may be able to help solve.

• Determine the real underlying problem, and redefine the problem.

• Describe what is causing and maintaining the problem. Describe the technical or business problem.             

  • Describe how the problem is being managed.

• Describe how understanding the problem and the way the problem is being managed leads to the recommendations to the solution.

• Explain research methods that may be used to gather data related to the problem.

• Write in third person.

Identify how you engage the client throughout the discovery phase.

Describe the tools you plan to use to facilitate client engagement.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Learning Team Assignment - Functional Areas of Business Comparison - Part Two

Resource:University of Phoenix Material: Functional Areas of Business Chart.

Post your completed Functional Areas of Business Chart for your team to review.

Discuss, with your Learning Team members, the functional areas of business and how they interrelate with problem identification and potential solutions.


• From the Learning Team paper in Wk 3

• Create a graphic organizer such as a diagram, chart, or graph. Note: see sample in Wk 3 materials

Answer the following questions:

• What are the differences in how each Learning Team member's organization functions?

• What are the contributing factors to the differences? Consider factors such as industry, size, age of the business, and organizational culture.

• How do the organizations' business areas function similarly? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Attach each Learning Team member's chart with your paper.

Note. Refer to the Center for Writing Excellence Tutorials and Guides for information and tips about how to create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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