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ACC 561 Week 3 Complete

ACC 561 Week 3 Complete

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ACC 561 Week 3 Complete -

DQ 1.How can costing errors decrease your company's profitability? What can you do to prevent them?

DQ 2.While the text presents job and processing costing systems as virtual "polar extremes," there are many situations where it may be best for a company to use a hybrid system that combines attributes of both systems.  Describe such a situation and discuss how the hybrid system may be better than either pure job or pure process systems.

WileyPLUS Assignment Week 3 Practice Quiz

Resource: WileyPLUS

Complete the Week 3 Practice Quiz in WileyPLUS.

Individual Assignment Costing Systems Assessment

Please review the information for Parlex Corporation on Page 836,

Chapter 15 of your textbook (under Activity BYP15-3).

Prepare a 1000-word paper or a 5-slide power point presentation that addresses the following questions:

(a) Parlex management discusses the job order cost system employed by their company. What are several advantages of using the job order approach to costing? What are the disadvantages of the system?

(b) Contrast the products produced in a job order environment, like Parlex, to those produced when process cost systems are used.

(c) Would Parlex benefit from a hybrid system? Why or why not?

Learning Team Assignment

Access BYP17-2 activity on Ideal Manufacturing (Page 935 of Chapter 17).

Complete the attached Excel spreadsheet.

Submit your completed excel spreadsheet using the Assignments Tab.

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