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MGT 527 Week 5 Complete

MGT 527 Week 5 Complete

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MGT 527 Week 5 Complete -

DQ1.Discuss the advantages of a formalized communications plan. What happens when a consultant fails to establish a communication plan with a client?

DQ2.Discuss a few tools a consultant can use in the implementation process. How will these tools work to engage the client and employees in the implementation process?

Food for Thought: How might a consultant redirect a client when the choices the client makes appear to lead to an installation versus an engaged implementation process?

Individual Assignment - Consulting Project Plan â Part Two

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Consulting Project Plan.

Create a 700-800 word feedback plan for the organization you selected for your Consulting Plan Project.

Refer to "Checklist #7. Planning a Feedback Meeting" in Ch. 14 of

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used.

Include the following in your feedback plan:

• Communication plan

• Types of communications you plan to use, such as status reports, status meetings, any regulatory required reports, conference calls, and awareness building plans

• Frequency of communication

• Tools necessary to meet communication and feedback commitments

• Feedback meeting plan

• Purpose of the meeting

• Stakeholders you would include in the meeting

• Structure of the meeting

• Brief overview of the feedback: presenting problem and real problem

• Questions prepared to anticipate and reveal resistance

• Strategies to get feedback from stakeholders on satisfaction with the consultation

• Tools necessary for the feedback meeting

• Write in third person

• Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Learning Team Assignment - Functional Areas of Business Comparison â Part Three

Resource:University of Phoenix Material: Functional Areas of Business Chart.

Post your completed Functional Areas of Business Chart for your team to review.

Discuss, with your Learning Team members, the functional areas of business and how they interrelate with problem identification and potential solutions.


• From the Learning Team paper in Wk 3

• From the graphic organizer diagram, chart, or graph Learning Team assignment in Wk 4

• Create a PowerPoint presentation 5-7 slides including speaker notes

Answer the following questions:

• What are the differences in how each Learning Team member's organization functions?

• What are the contributing factors to the differences? Consider factors such as industry, size, age of the business, and organizational culture.

• How do the organizations' business areas function similarly?

• Write in third person

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Attach each Learning Team member's chart with your paper.

Note. Refer to the Center for Writing Excellence Tutorials and Guides for information and tips about how to create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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