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MGT 527 Week 6 Complete

MGT 527 Week 6 Complete

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MGT 527 Week 6 Complete -

DQ1.Discuss ethics in consulting. Why are ethics important in consulting? Discuss workplace examples where ethical decisions were demonstrated or challenged.

DQ2.As a consultant, why is it important to stay abreast of current trends and best practices in the marketplace?

Food for Thought: Why is it difficult to find examples in the news of consultants acting ethically? What does that mean for you?

Individual Assignment - Career Plan Analysis Paper

Write a paper of 300-350 words based on the Career Plan Building Activities completed throughout this course. In the paper, describe how this course applies to your career plan.

Individual Assignment - Consulting Project Plan a Part Three

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Consulting Project Plan.

Complete the Consulting Project Plan.

Revise and apply feedback as appropriate for Part One and Part Two.

Include these revised sections in your final submission.

Describe the applicable functional areas of business. Refer to your University of Phoenix Material: Functional Areas of Business Chart from

Week Three. Anticipate areas of potential client resistance and address how to overcome this resistance.

• Identify potential resistance points in the process, and name the type of resistance expected.

• Determine the cause of the resistance.

• Identify potential responses to overcome the resistance.

Address the implementation phase including implementation tools you would use.

• Identify the change process necessary.

• Identify how to support that change.

• Identify tools for successful implementation of this particular change.

Discuss components necessary for an engaged implementation phase.

• Identify methods for engaged implementation.

• Identify support necessary for engaged implementation.

Write an executive summary of the Consulting Project Plan in no more than 1 page.

• Include a high-level overview of the project, and highlight the most important points.

• Include the executive summary as the first page of your Consulting Project Plan.

• Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Learning Team Assignment - consultants Code of Ethics Presentation

Create a 10-slide presentation in which you create a code of ethics for authentic consulting.

Define authentic consulting.

Develop a 10-item code of ethics for the consulting field. For each item of the code, provide an example from journals or explain why the item should be included in the code of ethics.

Format your references consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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