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EDU 5000 Week 4 Analyze Research

EDU 5000 Week 4 Analyze Research

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EDU 5000 Week 4 Analyze Research -


Skills Builder 1: Understanding Information Literacy

Review the Northcentral Information Literacy Tutorial to become familiar with information literacy, and to test your information literacy skills. Keep notes on the important points you discover there; these will be useful both in preparing assignments in this course, and in your other coursework here at Northcentral.

Skills Builder 2: Effective Searching

In this assignment, you will begin to develop your online library search skills, which will enable you to tap into the rich resources in the Northcentral Library. The Library’s collection includes extensive holdings in scholarly articles and book chapters--all the information you will need to do your coursework and research. While it may take some practice to get used to performing online library searches, you will find that the results you get far surpass anything you could get from just searching the Internet.

Library resources tend to be more authoritative, current, reliable, and accurate than resources gleaned from an Internet search. With Library searches, you can set your search options to find full text articles (not just abstracts or summaries), limit your search to a certain period, and with some databases, you have the option of setting up a personal account, where you can permanently save resources and searches for future sessions. You can also create an online database using RefWorks to store your research materials. For more information on RefWorks, see the Student Orientation page in the Library.

Therefore, complete the tutorials carefully, follow the directions for searching, and think positive thoughts! Start with the Northcentral Search like an Expert tutorial to find out how to get started with Library searching.

Graded Assignment

Mastering the art of an effective search takes practice; therefore, completing this assignment will help you get off to a good start. Don’t plan on learning this all in one day, but take a few days to practice, and you should find yourself becoming increasingly comfortable with searching. If you have any trouble, or need assistance, you can contact the library by using the Ask a Librarian link from the NCU library webpage.

For this assignment, develop a list of three topics of interest to you related to your degree program. Then choose one of these topics and explore available resource using

at least three of the following databases.


EBSCOhost Education Research Complete



ProQuest Education Journals

Sage Journals Online

Gale Education OneFile

Find three peer-reviewed scholarly research articles in your area of interest. Use key words and search limiters to focus your searches. Next, write a 2-3 page paper covering the following topics (you can use first person). Include an APA style Reference section with the three resources you found; list them according to APA formatting requirements.

Describe your topic of interest and why it is important to you.

What are “key words” and how do they help with searches?

What key words did you use for your searches?

What are “search limiters” and how do they help with searches?

What search limiters did you use for your searches?

What does “peer reviewed” mean? And why is it important to research?

Comment on what you learned from two of the suggested NCU Library resources?



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