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EDU 5000 Week 8 Prepare Personal Review and Reflection Paper

EDU 5000 Week 8 Prepare Personal Review and Reflection Paper

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EDU 5000 Week 8 Prepare Personal Review and Reflection Paper -

Optional. In this final Signature Assignment, develop goals and strategies to ensure that you succeed in your program.

“Goals Workbook” is your first step in preparing your Personal Academic Success Plan. This goal-writing workshop includes viewing the video and completing the workbook, which will take you approximately 5 hours to complete; so plan accordingly.

The objective of this workshop is to help you clarify your unifying principles and practice writing long-range, intermediate, and immediate goals.

a. Download the Goals Workbook - The Goals Workbook is available to download in the Books and Resources for this Week. This document is a modified version of the workbook you will find online. Use the document in this course to complete the assignment.

b. Watch the videos - You will find these videos in the Goals tab when you enter the Attack Your Day portal. Note that transcripts and audio clips are available as downloads under each video. The duration of each video ranges from about 5-11 minutes. You will complete some of the workbook while watching the videos, so have your workbook handy.

If you choose to complete this optional portion of the assignment, then you will complete the goal-writing workshop by viewing the videos as you did in Week 2 with the Time Management Workbook. This is for your benefit and growth. You will not submit this to your instructor or upload it to the course room.

Assignment Instructions

“Reflection on Success” reviews all the feedback you have received from your instructor, and reviews the journal entries you developed during the course. Compose a reflection paper that includes a summary of each assignment from the past 7 weeks. This will require seven reflections where each reflection covers one week. Construct your paper using sub-headings identifying each week and the assignment (e.g., Week 1: Formulate Goals and Statement of Intent). Each week’s reflection must consist of the following information:

1. Summarize each assignment you have completed for this course, and indicate what you learned from it, and what you still need to improve.

2. Identify your three most valuable strengths as a graduate student that will help you to succeed in your program.

a. Discuss the evidence that you have to confirm that you possess these strengths.

3. Determine the three most important areas you need to strengthen as a graduate student?

a. Discuss the evidence that you have that you need to strengthen these three areas.

4. Write three goals that will help you to improve as a graduate student based on the areas you need to strengthen.

a. Be sure to indicate specific steps and stages and a clear time frame for accomplishing them.



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