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OPS 571 Week 2 Complete

OPS 571 Week 2 Complete

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OPS 571 Week 2 Complete -

DQ 1.What are some major capacity considerations in a hospital? How do they differ from those of a factory?

DQ 2.Explain how having more work-in-process inventory can improve the efficiency of a process. How can this be bad?

DQ 3.If you could locate your new software development company anywhere in the world, which place would you choose, and why?

DQ 4.Discuss ways to use lean to improve one of the following: a pizza restaurant, a hospital, or an auto dealership.

Individual Assignment Process Designs and Supply Chains

This is part one of a two part assignment starting with an introductory look at process design and supply chains.

Identify a company with which you are familiar. This could be your place of employment, a car wash, a yard service company, and so forth.

Write a paper in which you describe the current state of your selected company's supply chain and an identified process.

Required Elements:

• Describe the company's supply chain

• Identify a process internal to the company that you wish to analyze.

• Describe the process internal to the company that you wish to analyze.

• Identify an appropriate design approach for the process you have chosen.

• Create a high-level AS IS process flow chart using an appropriate tool.

• Identify at least one metric to measure the process and its application (how, what, when, and who).

• Use an appropriate tool to collect data for each step of the process.

• No more than 700 words

• Consistent with APA format

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Knowledge Check Quiz

Complete the Week 4 Quiz.

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