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MHS 608 Week 4 Case  Assignment

MHS 608 Week 4 Case Assignment

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MHS 608 Week 4 Case Assignment -

Background: The Case & Signature Assignments represent a continuation of one another, building on each other and integrating course concepts. Although these are two distinct assignments, they are highly interrelated and collectively integrate concepts presented throughout the course. Both assignments are premised on the fact that you will be planning a health sciences research study.

In this case assignment, you will integrate concepts from the first four units by preparing responses to the following questions in a 5 to 8 page paper.

1. Describe a problem in the field of health sciences. Be certain to:

a. Tell us why it is a problem

b. Discuss why the issue can be addressed through research

2. Identify an appropriate theory to help guide your study.

Describe the components of the theory and how the theory will be useful to guide your study.

3. Discuss any qualitative components to your research issue.

4. Discuss any quantitative components to your research issue.

5. Tell me ultimately whether or not your research project will be qualitative or quantitative in nature.

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