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ACC 206 Week 10 Homework Chapter 19

ACC 206 Week 10 Homework Chapter 19

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ACC 206 Week 10 Homework Chapter 19 -

Brief Exercise 19-3   

Identify which of the following statements best describes the functions of the management of an organization.


Brief Exercise 19-7   

Presented below are Dieker Company’s monthly manufacturing cost data related to its personal computer products.

(a)        Utilities for manufacturing equipment                        $116,000

(b)        Raw material (CPU, chips, etc.)                                 $ 85,000

(c)        Depreciation on manufacturing building                    $880,000

(d)       Wages for production workers                                   $191,000

Enter each cost item in the following table, placing an “X” under the appropriate headings.


Brief Exercise 19-9

In alphabetical order below are current asset items for Ruiz Company’s balance sheet at December 31, 2014.

Accounts receivable                $209,800

Cash                                        62,160

Finished goods                        83,780

Prepaid expenses                     38,670

Raw materials                         81,610

Work in process                      88,610

Prepare the current assets section (including a complete heading). (List current assets in order of liquidity)


Exercise 19-1  

Richard Larkin has prepared the following list of statements about managerial accounting and financial accounting.

Identify each statement as true or false.



Exercise 19-4 (Part Level Submission)

Knight Company reports the following costs and expenses in May.

Factory utilities




Direct labor



Depreciation on factory equipment




Sales salaries



Depreciation on delivery trucks




Property taxes on factory building



Indirect factory labor




Repairs to office equipment



Indirect materials




Factory repairs



Direct materials used







Factory manager’s salary




Office supplies used




Exercise 19-18

Choose the appropriate terms for the statement below that best describes the term.


Problem 19-3A (Part Level Submission)

Incomplete manufacturing costs, expenses, and selling data for two different cases are as follows.



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