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BUS 508 Week 11 Final Exam Part 1

BUS 508 Week 11 Final Exam Part 1

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BUS 508 Week 11 Final Exam Part 1 -

Question 1

Autocratic leaders ________.


  • involve subordinates in making decisions


  • are open-minded leaders


  • believe in minimal supervision


  • make decisions on their own, often without consulting others


Question 2

Most top executives began their careers as which type of expert?


  • technical


  • financial


  • human relations


  • marketing


Question 3

Organization charts are the visual indication of a firm’s ________.


  • management team for each department


  • job positions and functions


  • informal relationships within the organization


  • formal relationships with suppliers and customers


Question 4

________ is the ability of directing or inspiring others to perform activities designed to achieve organizational objectives.


  • Controlling


  • Communicating


  • Organizing


  • Leadership


Question 5

Which of the following tasks are NOT typically outsourced?


  • accounting


  • core business


  • noncore business


  • production


Question 6

Which of the following is often a negative result of downsizing?


  • employee morale declines


  • product quality drops


  • competitive position deteriorates


  • customer service quality declines


Question 7

Who must approve the person selected as an arbitrator?


  • the federal government


  • management and labor


  • labor-only


  • management only


Question 8

The desire to be accepted by family members and other individuals is what Maslow called ________ needs.


  • physiological


  • esteem


  • social


  • self-actualization


Question 9

Concerning the grapevine, all of the following statements are correct EXCEPT:


  • The grapevine is a frequent source of information for employees.


  • Grapevines convey information rapidly.


  • The grapevine is an informal communication channel.


  • Information on the grapevine is wrong most of the time.


Question 10

The communication _______ composes the message.


  • sender


  • receiver


  • channel


  • context


Question 11

All of the following are examples of formal communication EXCEPT ________.


  • the employee benefits handbook


  • a telephone call with a customer


  • the grapevine


  • a letter to a supplier


Question 12

Under __________, employees receive stock shares or the value of the stock upon retiring or leaving the company.


  • treasury bills


  • stock certificates


  • ESOPs


  • stock options


Question 13

The last step in production control is to spot problems in the production process and inform management of needed adjustments. This phase is called ________.


  • evaluation


  • dispatching


  • follow-up


  • process control


Question 14

Which production process describes a manufacturing operation in which long production runs generate finished products over a period of time?


  • Continuous


  • Intermittent


  • Customized


  • Periodic


Question 15

Implementing a production plan involves all of the following steps EXCEPT ________.


  • creating a feasible budget


  • controlling inventory


  • selecting the best suppliers for materials


  • deciding whether to make, buy or lease components


Question 16

________ is the phase of production control that determines the sequence of work and specifies where and by whom each aspect of production will be performed.


  • Follow-up


  • Routing


  • Scheduling


  • Dispatching


Question 17

The era in marketing history characterized by the notion that a good product will sell itself is known as the ________ era.


  • production


  • sales


  • marketing


  • relationship


Question 18

An organization's ________ is the group of potential customers toward whom it directs its marketing efforts.


  • marketing demographic


  • target market


  • market segment


  • product market


Question 19

Census data are ________ and ________ data for marketing researchers.


  • internal; primary


  • external; primary


  • external; secondary


  • internal; secondary


Question 20


The marketing of a social concern or issue such as preventing child abuse is known as ________ marketing.


  • cause


  • person


  • place


  • organization


Question 21

In which stage of the product life cycle do profits generally first appear?


  • Decline stage


  • Introductory stage


  • Growth stage


  • Maturity stage


Question 22

In which stage of the product life cycle do competitors enter the field with similar offerings?


  • Introductory stage


  • Decline stage


  • Maturity stage


  • Growth stage


Question 23

A combination of product lines represents a company's ________.


  • product mix


  • product cluster


  • product lifecycle


  • distribution strategy


Question 24

A new refrigerator falls into which of the following classifications of goods?


  • Accessory equipment


  • Specialty products


  • Convenience products


  • Shopping products


Question 25

A bundle of physical, service, and symbolic attributes designed to satisfy customer wants is called ________.


  • the marketing mix


  • packaging


  • a product


  • a brand name

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