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BCOM 475 Week 3 Complete

BCOM 475 Week 3 Complete

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BCOM 475 Week 3 Complete -

DQ 1. In January 2009, the nationwide outbreak of salmonella related to peanut butter products caused major grocers to pull peanut butter products from their shelves. The Food and Drug Administration advised consumers to avoid eating peanut butter and products that contain peanut butter. As CEO of General Mills or Kellogg, how would you avert the threat to your company? Discuss the strategy you might employ to communicate with the public. Explain why your strategy might be effective.

DQ 2. What are the principles of communications? How important are these principles to strategic communications? Create an example in which you respond to each of the principles in a real-world context. Specify where the principles are applied in the example.

DQ 3. You might have heard the sayings, “There is no ‘I’ in team” or “Plan your work, and work your plan.” How does communication fit into these adages? Discuss how a communications strategy may help you implement your plan. Provide examples in your answer.

Learning Team Assignment - Internal Communication Strategy

Begin your team’s Strategic Communications Plan by developing an Internal Communication Strategy to aid in the facilitation of the change.

Discuss the types of companies involved in the merger. Include the culture of each company and how the companies are similar or different. Describe the conflict that might develop because of the differences.

Determine the internal communication strategy your team will use to facilitate the change and resolve the possible conflicts.

Identify the messages you want to deliver to your audience.

Describe how you plan to deliver your messages; for example, through presentations, memos, e-mails, and so forth. You may choose multiple ways to deliver your message. How often do you plan on communicating with the employees? Include one sample of your communication material as an appendix, such as an e-mail, memo, presentation, poster, or script of a podcast.

Write your team’s strategy in a 1,400- to 1,750-word business report.

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