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HCS 490 Week 2 Staying Relevant Simulation Reflection

HCS 490 Week 2 Staying Relevant Simulation Reflection

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HCS 490 Week 2 Staying Relevant Simulation Reflection -


Part 1: Individual

Each team member will complete the Staying Relevant Simulation as an individual. The email requested at the end of the simulation will not be turned in for points; however, you will use the information composed as an individual in Part 2 of the learning team assignment.

Compose the email requested at the end of simulation. The email proposal should include:

• Objectives and target audience for project

• A thorough review of the website and social media page

• Specific details on how the website and social media page could be improved

• New ideas and how they could be implemented for Bright Road

• (Upload a copy of your memo in the team folder. These will not be graded individually but will be part of the review in assessing the final team grade.)

Part 2: Learning Team

Once you have written your individual emails, review each team members emails. What were some of the similarities and differences in your review? What are the key 3-5 points you want to make to Bright Roads. Using the same criteria/thought process you used in the email in the simulations go into the Lung Force website ( Lung Force is part of the American Lung Associate and it's goal is to educate women about lung cancer and lung health. Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women in the United States. Lung Force is working to help everyone understand their risk.

Write a paper 750 to 1050 word paper with the following information:

• Summarize the emails you wrote individually on the simulation. After your discussion with the team what would you tell Bright Roads? What did you learn from everyone's assessment?

• Using the you learned from in your Bright Road's email, review Lung Force website and any social media you find they are doing and discuss what you would share with them about how they use the website and social media. As a consultant what would you tell them they are doing right and where they may need to make improvements?

In your paper after you summarized the Bright Roads review discuss the following for Lung Force:

Who is their target market/key demographic?

What is the look feel of the website, does it seem to be attractive to their target market?

How are they using social media to build relationships with their target market? Could they do more?

Is content well organized and easy to get around?

Do they do a good job expressing their mission to educate their customer?

What are they doing right, what can they do better?

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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