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HCS 490 Week 4 Communication Strategy

HCS 490 Week 4 Communication Strategy

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HCS 490 Week 4 Communication Strategy -


In this assignment you will be completing a consulting project creating a communication plan for Lung Force for their November 12th Lung Force Walk-San Diego .

The client needs help with a communication plan for the November 12th event.

Choose 1 of the following initiatives:

• Recruiting local colleges and college students to be part of the event.

• Recruiting local military members and their families to be part of the event.

• Recruiting local lung cancer survivors and their personal connections (friends, family, etc) or personal connections of loved ones that have passed away

Communication strategies components may include:

• Executive Summary

• Target Market

• Positioning Strategy

• Distribution Plan

• Marketing Materials (collateral)

• Promotion Strategy (online and traditional)

• Retention Strategy

• Financial Projections (expenses and projected results-if applicable)

Create the communication strategy for your client, Lung Force, for their November 12th Lung Force Walk. You may use a communication strategy template you researched for your prior assignment or you can create your own based the same research. Use the template to guide your plan components. Include a time- line for lung force to use to help them with timing their communication efforts and the following:

• Analyze the target market you will be recruiting and what would be an effective marketing approach to reach them? Why?

• If you have several target market with different demographics how would you reach each and why?

• Describe how you will use an integrated campaign to reach your target audience.

• Describe how you can apply that to your strategy.

Format your assignment according to the template you use. Use APA guidelines for references and citations.

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