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HCS 587 Week 2 Theoretical Matrix

HCS 587 Week 2 Theoretical Matrix

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HCS 587 Week 2 Theoretical Matrix -

Resources: Appendix A and Theoretical Matrix Grading Criteria

Remember that theoretical change models are a framework to build your change around, do not confuse these with the motivational theories that we are discussing this Week i.e. Maslow, Expectancy, etc.

Use Appendix A to create a matrix of theoretical change models. Include at least three theoretical models in the matrix. Two examples of these models would be Lewin and Kotter. The matrix must include the following for each model:

Name of theoretical model from the readings in Week one.

Description of the theoretical model in 200 words or more

Description of the type of change situation where the theoretical model best applies in 200 words or more

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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