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HCS 587 Week 3 Barriers of Change Product

HCS 587 Week 3 Barriers of Change Product

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HCS 587 Week 3 Barriers of Change Product -

Resources: Barriers of Change Product Grading Criteria

Consider the following:

Your Learning Team is a quality management team at a health care organization. Your company is getting ready for a large organizational change and has asked your team to prepare the managing staff for the upcoming change.

Prepare an original product that outlines the barriers to change and factors that influence change. Products might include one of the following:

10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for group training

Informational trifold brochure

Informational poster

Include the following in your product:

Identify the organizational change.

Describe the organizational change.

Describe possible organizational and individual barriers to change.

Identify possible factors that may influence the change.

Identify motivational theories that will assist managers to motivate their staff for the change.

Include at least 5 to 6 published professional references in a list formatted according to APA guidelines.

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