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ISCOM 374 Inventory and Purchasing Considerations

ISCOM 374 Inventory and Purchasing Considerations

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ISCOM 374 Inventory and Purchasing Considerations -

Based on your Learning Team's earlier work, your department's

forecasting recommendation has made vast improvements to the

Hangzhou, China on-time deliveries. However, the company president

has concerns the resin inventory levels are not ordered in the most

optimal quantities. The purchasing department needs your team's help

on when and how much to order.

Prepare a 700-word paper defining inventory management and how

inventory relates to costs. Conclude with a recommendation to use an

inventory ordering strategy keeping in mind the certainty or uncertainty

of the customer demand at the Hangzhou, China location.

Discuss inventory management and differentiate between carrying,

ordering, and stock-out costs.

Identify and discuss the strategies of when to order (re-order points -

ROP) and how to order (economic order quantities - EOQ).

Analyze the impact that using one of these strategies has on inventory

levels and associated costs.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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