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STR 581 Week 5 Knowledge Check

STR 581 Week 5 Knowledge Check

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STR 581 Week 5 Knowledge Check -

1. This is concerned with tracking a strategy as it is being implemented, detecting problems or changes in its underlying premises, and making necessary adjustments.

  • Strategy evaluation
  • Strategic implementation
  • Strategic control
  • Strategic decision-making


2. Strategic surveillance must be kept

  • as focused as possible
  • as unfocused as possible
  • as fast as possible
  • internal


3. This, called kaizen in Japanese, is the process of relentlessly trying to find ways to improve and enhance a company's products and processes from design through assembly, sales, and service.

  • CCC21
  • Incremental innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Six Sigma


4. CCC21 stands for

  • competitive cost competency in the 21st century
  • construction of cost competitiveness for the 21st century
  • cost chain competition for the 21st century
  • continuous cost competitiveness in the 21st century


5. The DMAIC (define measure, analyze, improve, and control) process is relevant to

  • CCC21
  • balanced scorecard
  • strategic matrix analysis
  • Six Sigma


6. This idea factor involves following demographic and other broad trends and trying to develop ideas that may be relevant and useful.

  • Mental invention
  • Trend following
  • Market research
  • Solution spotting


7. While these may underperform established products in mainstream markets, they often offer features or capabilities appreciated by some fringe customer group.

  • Throughput technologies
  • Acquired innovations
  • Disruptive innovations
  • Lagging innovations


8. These are also referred to as crowd sourcing or open innovation.

  • Ideograms
  • Disruptors
  • Sustainers
  • Gold diggers

9. Short-term objectives are usually

  • completed within 2 months
  • quantitative
  • qualitative
  • set to be completed within 5 years


10. Short-term objectives assist strategy implementation by identifying measurable outcomes of action plans or functional activities, which can make feedback, correction, and evaluation

  • more relevant and acceptable
  • more expensive
  • more difficult
  • more geared toward growth

11. Discussion about an agreement on short-term objectives help raise issues and potential conflicts within an organization that usually

  • needs little coordination
  • require additional personnel
  • focus on public relations
  • require organizational coordination


12. Key, routine activities that must be undertaken in each department of the organization are

  • business tactics
  • resource tactics
  • functional tactics
  • corporate tactics


13. In which type of strategy do functional tactics translate into action designed to accomplish specific short-term objectives?

  • Corporate strategy
  • Grand strategy
  • Operational strategy
  • Tactical strategy


14. The effort to familiarize future leaders with the skills important to the company and to develop exceptional leaders among the managers you employ is

  • identifying an action plan
  • education and leadership development
  • developing principles
  • creating passion

15.  A leader’s vision should be

  • varied
  • complex
  • simple
  • long

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